MAGALIE BONNEAU: Visionäärinaisen antautuminen elämälle

Magalie Bonneaun ansiosta saamme nauttia täällä Suomen maassa lukuisista Naisten sydänpiireistä ja naisten voimaantumisista niiden avulla.

Naiseuden voiman toinen perustaja Elina Ojaniemi osallistui vuonna 2015 Magalien järjestämään piiriretriittiin Suomessa ja toi piirin mukanaan omaan naisten yhteisöön, josta toinen Naiseuden voiman perustaja Heidi Harju innostui todella ja lähti sittemmin viemään asiaa eteenpäin. Tässä Magalien haastattelu:

For over a decade, my body was trying to guide me, but I ignored it. Instead, I used it as a machine in service to my grand aspirations. At the time, I was pursuing an Olympic Dream as a solo sailor. My will was strong. I was standing tall, fearless, on a mission. I was rising to the top, proud and unstoppable.​Beneath the surface, something else had been calling me to rest and listen for a while.

But too busy pursuing my ascension, I was denying the signs. My body had started with whispers- a contracting feeling in my stomach, then fatigue. For a decade, I had been shutting down my emotions who were interfering with the agenda I had set for myself. I was traveling the world, sponsored, valorized in newspapers with stories mirroring my unstoppable feminine nature. A high performance team around me was dedicated to help me rise. I was living the Shero’s journey until on the cusp of the Olympic trials, my spine blocked, suddenly.

I couldn’t walk anymore. Something deeper wanted to wake me up from my ego trance. Knock knock! Who do you think you are? The only way I would began pay attention was to shut me down from living the life I had committed to. After weeks of inner resistance, I heard my body say… ”let go”. Let go of this Olympic dream. Let go of the shore of what you know… you are imprisoned, deceiving yourself with your grand goals and aspirations. This is not who you really are! Life is precious, it’s time for you to listen from within, and trust that voice inside. My soul was calling for my attention after years of unconscious suppression. As I said goodbye to my Olympic dream, feeling mixed feelings of grief and anxiety, I began feeling a strange and unfamiliar sense of liberation the more I would gently let go… It was a complete uncharted territory. While I felt uncomfortable and disoriented, something enlivening, auspicious was beginning to find root from the rumbles inside. Something in me was dying while something else was cracking wide opened. I couldn’t tell for a while who I was. What I thought was one way appeared another.

As I let go of my world-class athlete persona and began following my deeper impulses guided by my body, a tribe of soulful creative heartfelt beings and healers entered my life. They embodied a sense of authenticity that was knocking me off my feet. I was drawn in, curious, vulnerable… There I was, discovering the deep and wholehearted nature of the feminine in its many forms. I was beginning to experience a flowing river of unconditional love that was embracing all facets of me, a field that felt nurturing, wild and creative. I felt held for the first time since I was a child. I could safely let go, pilling off layers, one at a time. I felt connected to those around me more than anytime before. My inner nature was revealing itself. I looked younger, refresh, humbled by life… It was a trip, an immense realization… a breakdown that had morphed into a breakthrough.

I was rebirthing.

Ever since that time, I have been meeting women and men who have been on similar journeys, stripping layers of our ego, creating space for something else to reveal itself, more coherent, vital and authentic. Seeking to experience the fullness of who I am meant to be, who we are meant to be, I began gathering inspiring soul sisters who shared that spiritual path of embodied awakening. Some were front line organizers, others were artist, entrepreneurs, filmmakers. What we do doesn’t matter. What unifies us is our commitment to give birth to our most authentic self, live our purpose fully and unify as women so that we can give birth to something so much larger. We would meet monthly in circles or gather in silence on dance floors sweating our prayers. Drawn in by the power of the feminine field, I joined women in quest in the desert, and then downtown San Francisco, gathering in large numbers to dance and meditate. This kept on growing, leading to thousand of people rituals taking place in nature, filmed from the sky.

It’s been a profound time of personal and collective liberation and awakening. Where I felt once alone, disconnected and lost now feels incredibly connected, inspiring and nourishing. Together we are writing a new story for humanity. One that mirrors our soul consciousness. In that spirit, I invite you to join me for a WILD retreat. We will gather among visionary women who are part of writing this new story and rebirthing as authentic creative women. Together, by sitting in council, dancing our prayers and joining rituals by the fire under the stars we awaken our feminine soul and the soul of the world. As we create a field where it is safe to express our light and see our shadow without guilt or shame, something incredible takes place. I welcome you.

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